ESPO Corporation

The Recruitment Process

Putting a Qualitative Approach To a Quantitative Industry

The Engineer Recruitment Process

ESPO has been dedicated to providing placement services to the engineering field for over 50 years. We know that candidates aren’t just job titles and keyword searches, but are individuals with years of industries specific knowledge. Our deep roots allow us to appreciate more than a company name on a resume.  Our team of recruiting engineers understand the industries served and the skill sets involved. This specialized skill allows us to partner candidates with industry specific clients. We go beyond generalization and connect talent with companies based on size, sector, management style and culture. We believe that employees are the number #1 value of any company. We are dedicated to a strategic recruitment approach to optimize your time and effectiveness.


Optimal Recruiting Factors

Talent Optimization

As a team, everyone achieves more. Our recruiters don’t focus on one position, leaving room for great opportunities to be missed, but collaborate and apply their knowledge to accommodate  each need and maximize effectiveness.


ESPO is committed to the professional development of the individuals within our network. We complete a thorough analysis with each candidate to better understand their growth requirements, skills and earning needs. 



Often we have clients that could add benefit to your supply chain.  We are able to find, plug and play talent and resources that could add value to your organization. 


Communication is the foundation on which all good relationships are built. ESPO believes all feedback is valuable and helps us grow.  We consistently follow up with clients and candidates to ensure successful acquisitions.