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As IT has moved from just the one person in the smallest closet at your workplace to half the individuals you interact with, the marketplace is expanding, and so are the opportunities.

ESPO understands the growing differences between local area admins, programmers, designers, security engineers and everything in between.

With headquarters based in Chicago, Espo Engineering Corporation provides services to several medium-to-large markets across the country that include:

  • Chicago and Rockford, Illinois

  • Denver, Colorado

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Washington, D.C.

Whether you need to hire a part time IT developer for rolling projects or you have an all hands on deck implementation, ESPO has you covered.

Our unique approach to staffing relies on best-in-class technology, automation and strong leadership talent. We work diligently to find fully vetted candidates who offer the right balance of hard and soft skills to provide the ingredients for a smooth and mutually rewarding professional engagement.

The IT Job Placement Process Undertaken by IT Recruiting Firms

Providing IT jobs to our candidates, involves being able to speak technically with our clients to identify their unique needs. With IoT, SAAS, and API development being the forefront of connecting companies to the technologies they need, now more than ever it is imperative to match talent appropriately. The best UX individual, won’t be the best coder, ESPO get’s that, so we avoid shoving a square into a round hole.

At ESPO Engineering Corporation, we seek and nurture engineering candidates with both the broad and highly specific skills and knowledge bases that leading businesses need, including:

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Embedded Software Engineer

  • UX/UI Developer

  • Mobile Developer

  • Programmers (Java/Python/C++)

  • Security Engineers

For over 50 years, we have streamlined the placement services process for scores of employers and talented candidates. Our team of IT recruiting professionals go far beyond generalization to find and foster candidates who have the skills that employers need right away, as well as the drive to continue development, as needed.

Our recruiters work to understand the details of each business to search for talent based on size, industry, sector, management style and corporate culture to make sure the fit is just right.

Avoid the Talent Finding Hassle With IT Staffing Agencies

Our professionals have years of experience in IT staffing. Many organizational leaders may not know all the finer points of hiring IT professionals, so it helps to work with seasoned recruiters that keep up with the current state of the industry. Rely on our team to find the best talent in your respective market.

Enjoy a More Precise Search When Working With IT Recruiters

Whether you recently finished college, or you are returning to the job search process after leaving another position, you may not know exactly what today’s organizations need. ESPO Engineering Corporation’s IT recruiters can shine a light on the skills you need to get a job that meshes with your current and potential skills.

Currently, our clients are regularly requesting an expertise level that includes the following:

  • Help Desk Technicians

  • API Developers

  • DBA’s

  • Network Engineers

The Espo Engineering Corporation team will work with you to optimize your talent and present it to appropriate employers that give you the chance to stand out and grow within the organization.


Our IT recruiters are ready and enthusiastic to help employers and IT talent develop an excellent relationship — whether for short-term projects or permanent placement.

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you achieve your IT-related goals.