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RPO & Operations

Procuring Resources For Your Niche

By taking advantage of staffing and hiring services, your organization can become better equipped to scale, attract top talent and realize your full competitive potential in your market. Espo Engineering Corporation specializes in providing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions. We’re experts at staffing and hiring for technical companies and projects — focusing on RPO for engineering, IT and project management personnel. Our specialized services and experience allow us to offer you a high level of expertise in fulfilling your staffing needs.

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Employee Management

Uncertainty may deter you from bringing an employee on full time. We have the ability to assist with the staff payrolling and the human resource streamlining for your company. Whether an employee joins your organization on a full-time, contract or temporary basis, our services are able to help you navigate every aspect of administration, allowing you to remain focused on the core aspects of running your business. We are also ready to facilitate the transition for employees moving from contract or temporary roles to full-time positions — ensuring a smooth process for your organization as well as your employees.

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Looking for outsourced recruiting with an internal process? We have dedicated recruiters for your team who can work within your constraints, database and company culture. When you utilize recruitment process outsourcing, you are able to improve your hiring metrics across the board: faster time-to-hire, lower cost-to-hire (thanks to the more efficient process), and lower rates of employee turnover. Our recruiters are extensively experienced in identifying and attracting the specialized talent required to fulfill technical positions, including those with niche requirements, complex deliverables and a high expectation for success.


Cost-benefit analysis

Contracting your hiring, staffing and human resources operations benefits businesses and personnel by saving overhead, admin and unemployment costs while contractually working with an employee to determine if he or she is a good fit long term. By outsourcing these processes and focusing on your core competencies as a business, you are able to keep your organization lean, efficient and competitive as you grow and scale effectively. With our ability to provide professional engineering operations management assistance and help with your IT operations management tasks, we are ready to work with you to identify and track the KPIs that matter to you to gauge the performance of your staffing hires at all levels — drawing on our extensive depth of experience in the field to help illustrate your success.

How to Get Started

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