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Defining our AutoCAD services with implementing standards & library for your drafting center.

Our in-house CAD drafting services are available to serve as a supplement to your design and engineering staff, providing expert-level technicians able to meet your part and product design needs. In-house drafting services are the preferred alternative to CAD outsourcing, with a degree of transparency, oversight and communication that outsourced work simply can’t provide.

By utilizing in-house CAD drafting services from Espo Engineering Corporation, you gain access to our proven, master-level technical expertise in the form of highly experienced professionals who understand how to best meet client needs on a project and contract basis. We deliver quality, efficiency and service in the interest of successfully bringing your projects through to completion from any stage of development, with any degree of complexity, while providing the best collaborative experience possible.

With proficiency across platforms and formats, our engineers can provide CAD drawing services and drafting services in the way that works best for your process: AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D MicroStation, CATIA, Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics and more.

CAD Applications

CAD engineering services provide the building block for efficient, effective product design, development and production. With a well-designed CAD model, efficiency and quality can be improved at every step of development: concepting, design, prototyping, manufacture and quality control. Our in-house drafting services ensure that files are created with industry-standard metadata and are thus able to interface with any existing files you may be using, while providing the broadest degree of utility possible.

With CAD, you are able to:

Integrate with mechanical design automation (MDA): With mechanical design automation, design iterations and proof of concept can be accomplished without the need to build out actual models and prototypes with which to test. With digital testing and prototyping, design changes and fine-tuning can be carried out much more quickly and cost-effectively, prior to creating your first physical prototype.

Use computer numeric control (CNC) machines: CNC is the standard for fast, precise production (and can, in some cases, be useful for prototyping). The accuracy and versatility of a CAD model facilitates efficient CNC manufacturing and a high-quality final product, with features and dimensions delivered exactly as designed.

Help with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM): With a well-designed CAD model from our in-house drafting services, the advantages of computer-aided manufacturing can be applied to your production process. Whether for prototypes delivered via 3D printing (or additive manufacturing), or for high-speed, close-tolerance CNC production at scale, the benefits of CAM would not be possible without CAD. Our in-house engineers design and format your model to be compatible with any machine and production standard that you need. Further, they are able to quickly iterate and update designs to deliver the quality you expect.

Support additive manufacturing processes: Additive manufacturing processes and 3D printing are only as effective as the source file provided. Our CAD engineers have extensive experience in designing to the intricacies of additive manufacturing processes across the board — including SLA, SLS, FDM and more.

For more information about our in-house CAD services and the applications of CAD, fill out a request for service or contact us today.

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