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Speed Up your Hiring Process

With the job market the way it is, it’s imperative that companies are doing everything they can to harness qualified candidates. Many companies lose out on these hot prospects within their hiring process due to various aspects, such as timing or lack of clarity. So what can these companies do to speed this up?

Communication: This is one of the biggest challenges companies seem to face. One reason is a shortage in hiring staff. You can only do so many interviews a week, especially when there is one person handling the process. The longer it takes to get through the interviews, the longer it takes to come to a decision and get back to the candidate, and the more likely it is that the candidate you desired has already moved on and accepted another offer. Another spot where communication can be lacking is in the job description. Many times, you will lose prospects solely on lengthy or unclear job descriptions. You want to make sure the description highlights key aspects of the job and has an easy application process.

Streamline Processes: If one thing is sure to help speed up the hiring process, it’s the use of technology. There are so many new platforms and programs that can be utilized to make this process more efficient. To learn more about automation and streamlining your processes visit our last blog The Future of Recruitment Technology: Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Utilize a Staffing Firm: If your company is feeling overwhelmed, it may be best to seek external sources. Staffing agencies can not only get you vetted candidates quicker, but they can help bring in higher quality candidates. The recruiters take care of any preliminary screening and interviews, eliminating those first couple steps.

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