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Google Job Search

Now more than ever, candidates have an abundance of places to search for a job. Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, you name it. One place that has become increasingly more popular to find a job is Google itself.

While you can’t post jobs directly onto the search engine, Google uses AI and machine learning to curate tailored results to the individual, based on their search. This simplifies the process for the candidate who just has to search “jobs near me” and the jobs displayed are pulled from various job boards like those listed above. Also, right in the search, it will tell you how long the position has been open and what type of position it is (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.) Upon clicking on the job, the candidate then has access to the company’s ratings and reviews and has the flexibility to choose which job board or website they want to apply through.

With all the job openings out there, you want to make sure yours are being found. To better your chances, it’s imperative to have a career portal and promote open jobs on various career sites. The listings should be concise and accurate across all platforms and contain proper keywords. Your site must also be crawlable and indexable so Google can assess it.

As a candidate, Google is the ideal way to search for job openings. Streamlining all the platforms saves you from going from site to site and scouring pages of jobs. And as previously stated, you’ll get more tailored and higher-quality search results.

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