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How To Attract Candidates as Unemployment Comes To an End

As we approach September, not only is summer coming to an end, but also unemployment benefits. As of September 6, the federal unemployment programs will cease. As time passes without benefits, the job market is going to become increasingly competitive. With over 11 million people affected by this, those who have been taking advantage of unemployment are going to start looking to get back into the working scene. So, what does this mean for employers?  It’s time to focus all your efforts on attracting these new candidates, and here are some ways how:

  • With a lingering fear of Covid-19, it’s necessary to have proper policies set in place. Ensure your organization is adhering to the current guidelines, mandatory mask mandates, and vaccination recommendations, be open to work from home, or limiting capacity in the office, creating a hybrid model to ease employees’ return. Most importantly be sympathetic to individuals’ thoughts or concerns.
  • Now is a great time to review your compensation plans. Due to the compensation from unemployment and labor shortages, compensation packages are higher than ever in a retail space. Now is a great time to survey your population to determine what areas you can improve upon, to meet the needs of your staff. Compensation levels are on the rise and companies are getting creative with their offerings. It’s important to determine what is important to your staff. Sometimes just offering Pet Insurance can make all the difference.
  • Leverage your resources. Not all candidates are recruiting experts. Some struggle with resume writing or how to search for a job, so it’s crucial to leverage your resources. Using social media, job boards, and dusting off your employee referral program will make it easier to find that perfect candidate. 
  • Review your application process. How many of your candidates want to apply for the job but don’t have 20 minutes to complete your application? Reviewing how many candidates come to your page but don’t complete the application will help you determine your next course of action. Quick apply features are fantastic for people juggling zoom meetings, deadlines, and who need to remember to pick the kids up from school. 

America is getting back to work.  Don’t be left behind with no candidates and overstressed employees.

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