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For many, January is the time of year when you get a fresh start, and your motivation is at its peak. This holds true in the job market; the New Year means new jobs. That being said, before you dive back into the job market it is important to have a clear idea as to what type of position you want, maintain a positive reputation, and come prepared.

Prior to searching for a new job, think long and hard about what you are really looking for in a new position. The last thing one wants is to get their hopes up about a position, only to find out the employer went with someone else. Therefore, it is crucial to give the recruiter as much information as possible, so they can match your skillset to a role. The clearer you are with the expectations of a future role, the more accurate of a position the recruiter will be able to match you with. Also, the more upfront you are with the recruiter, the easier it will be for the both of you. It is not beneficial to you, the recruiter, or the hiring company to agree to an interview for a role that you have no interest in.

This leads into the second point, if you are accepting an interview, be professional throughout the entire process. If your lack of interest in a position will lead you to blow-off an interview, then do not agree to it. Being a no-call/no-show candidate will put you in a bad light, especially once markets get tighter and the candidates are plentiful. It will also make recruiting agencies skeptical to work with you, as they do not want to tarnish their reputation with their clients.

Finally, make sure you are as ready as possible, prior to putting yourself in the job market. Your resume should be up-to date and consistent across all boards. This includes your resume on LinkedIn, job boards, and with recruiting firms. Be prepared to explain your work history clearly and concisely. If you have gaps in employment, have readily available an explanation. The more put together you are, the easier it will be to exude confidence into your interviews.

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