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ESPO’s Remote Cloud Base SASE Staffing Solution

We have given employees laptops to work from home, but what about security, server space, and speed? What was once a short-term solution, is now a complex issue.  With all the unknowns during this time, let ESPO help with your SASE solution. ESPO has created a robust solution to work from home while minimizing cost.  We have the knowledge, experience, and hosting capabilities to offer a secure Remote Cloud Based solution. Our SASE “Secure Access Service Edge” model takes care of all the hardware and software requirements allowing your team to securely work from anywhere.

We supply the Hardware, Software, Licensing, and Technical support with flexible rates.  Our solution is service-based, starting at 3 months, per users.  Our bundled service will eliminate the need for multiple capital expenditure requests and possible outages.  Allow the company peace of mind with a compliant and safe tool.

Our Solution offers:

  • An automated compression ratio yielding speeds 2.5X quicker to remote users.
  • Increased speed when using heavy graphics-based programs such a CAD software or Adobe creative suites.
  • Optimization when using video chat software to provide A/V clarity stopping choppy or frozen screens.
  • A Multi-Factor Authentication solution to maintain security.
  • VDA Templates to spin up users with replica machines to create uniformity.
  • On-premise Fiber networks with Palo Alto next-generation high bandwidth firewall to prevent bottlenecking.
  • Review of licensing requirements to ensure compliance.
  • Optimized up to Date Hardware with agnostic BYOC for client connection.
  • Technical Support- Including additional Cyber Security solutions, MSSP, and VAR.
  • Pajama-Pants Friday

Need staff to help assimilate the project, we have a solution for that as well! 

If you can relate to any of the points above with your remote work at home model, contact ESPO for your free consultation and scoping call.