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Why Automation is Crucial to Remain Competitive in the Recruiting Industry

Through the years, the recruiting world has changed drastically. Being around since 1965, ESPO has been through it all. From conducting traditional in-person sales visits to sifting through the local paper to find job ads and pitching a candidate via voicemail, there is nothing we have not done. Luckily, technology has improved over the years, making our jobs as engineering recruiters a bit less laborious. However, with an increase in technology has come an increase in competition. To stay afloat, it is pertinent that you automate every aspect of your organization. This ensures the highest level of productivity; it keeps candidates up to date and increases leads’ quality.

While automation does alleviate the staff augmentation company from hiring extra staff, it does not negate the recruiter’s role. In fact, it allows the recruiter to be more productive in their daily efforts. Whether searching for a Mechanical Design Engineer or a CNC Machinist, they can automate those searches instead of evaluating each resume one by one. Scheduling interviews and running background checks can be done at the click of a button, allotting recruiters more time to focus on things like quality over quantity.

Candidates benefit from the automation process as well. They are no longer left in the dark during the job search and recruitment process. They are up to date on current openings, their application status and are receiving feedback and decisions quicker than ever.

With recruiters saving time and candidates having easy access to applicable positions, an increase in quality can be found. Candidates can hone in on what jobs best fit their skills and previous experience.  No longer are candidates sending resumes to a job that might have been filled or going into job interviews blind. This leads to the recruiter receiving more qualified candidates. The recruiter can then go more in-depth with candidates about likes and dislikes or previous roles, identify the culture they’d best fit into, and align them with something that best fits their goals.

With an abundance of recruiting agencies, it’s going to be a challenge to stand out. However, without automating your processes, you will not allow yourself a chance to be in the running.

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