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The Different Types of Candidates Recruiters Encounter

Finding the right talent for the open position at your company can be tricky. Skimming through resumes and scheduling interviews can be monotonous, especially when you never really know what kind of candidate you are going to get. ESPO takes care of all of that including the interviews where candidates take their form. Here are a few types of candidates that recruiters will come across.

The unprepared candidate

This person is one that will show up to an interview in casual clothing and an out of date resume. They looked good on ZipRecruiter, but it turns out that they really didn’t research your company before coming in. The blank stares and generic answers will make this one a hard fit.

The overqualified candidate

This is a good problem to have. If a candidate comes in for an interview that they are overqualified for, good things can happen. Their 15+ years in the industry when only requiring 3 years is a huge bonus. This candidate will have a lot of experience while backing it up with work history. They have been in this situation before and understand the logistics. The only downside is that their salary expectations may be too high for you to sign them.

The Talker

Small talk is a good thing. It loosens up the room and allows for information to flow freely between the candidate and interviewer or recruiter.  There is a line between small talk and too much information. Conversations about the commute over or the weather is generic enough, but when they mention how their lunch isn’t sitting right with them, maybe it’s time to move on…

Abuse of buzzwords candidate

If not on the initial resume from the candidate, you will likely hear some overused ‘buzzwords’ in an interview. Our recruiting team compiled a few that stand out as ‘cliché’… This candidate will likely describe themselves as a “hard worker” or “passionate” about their job. They will also describe how they excel in “problem solving.”

No candidate is the same, and that is a good thing when putting together a team. Each individual adds their own flare to your company and contributes their expertise. Some candidates may share too much info or arrive unprepared, but some are the absolute best at what they do in their industry. Let ESPO find your perfect candidate.