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How to Find Out If Your Candidates References are Real

An essential part of every resume or application is the job references provided by the candidate. These provide fist hand accounts of the talents’ abilities and work style that you need to assess their qualifications. Sometimes though, their references may be fudged or not even real at all. Here are a few tips to recognize when it may be fake.

This is the easiest way to know that you are reaching an actual person. Give them a call and see if their name and job position matches what the candidate gave you. Validating information on a resume can ensure that your candidate has the necessary qualifications and whether or not they are truthful.

The reference may be a friend or family member pretending to be someone else. It may be difficult to tell if they are the person listed. A way to get an idea if they are legit is to research the person and company on LinkedIN. Ask questions about the candidate in regards to specific aspects of the company. You will be able to tell if it is not the person you studied.

There are companies that specialize in fake references. For a fee, they will create a persona, company, and website to validate the reference. Though extreme, these groups exist. Some even go as far to have the call go through a messaging service or secretary. As listed before, do your research on the company that the reference is from and  be vigilante in your questions!

Lying about references should never be a problem, the truth of the matter though, is that they are. Stay vigilant and make sure you get the candidate that is perfect for you.