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The Best Career Site For Finding Jobs

With literally thousands of sites to use when trying to find jobs, it can be overwhelming while trying to find the right site for you. We will run through a list of the top sites and what ESPO recommends, but it is important to remember that it is important not to limit yourself to just one.

Indeed: Like most sites, Indeed allows you to upload your resume. With this, anyone is able to see it, and your information provided. Indeed is powered by Google and searches nearly every site looking for job postings. This is an effective way to condense your searching options instead of scrolling through 15 different browser windows.

CareerBuilder: Much like Indeed, CareerBuilder allows you to search for jobs online. One there are several perks to this site. One is that of the advanced job search option. You are able to refine your search by degree requirements, employment type, category, keywords, location, industry, salary, and mileage. CareerBuilder also offers resume services, and job recommendations.

ZipRecruiter: A standout feature of this site is that of the “1-Click Apply” option. While you set up your profile, you can upload a resume and cover letter. You are also encouraged to fill out a rough application. This makes it so while skimming through job postings, you can hit the button to apply in an instant. Applying for multiple jobs has never been so easy!

Luckily, ESPO utilizes information, resumes, and applicants from each of these sites. Our Applicant Tracking System (APS) skims through keywords and descriptions to find the best talent for the job and the best job for the talent.