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Engineering the Perfect Candidate: What to Look For

Finding the right fit for your team is a tall task. Finding the PERFECT candidate is even more so. What does this candidate have that would make them a perfect fit? Our team here decided to put together hybrid recruit!

Work Experience:

The perfect candidate will have met or exceeded your requirements for work experience. Their 5+ years with an industry leader is sure to bring your company success.

Great References:

Hopefully they supply you with 3 of the best references in the industry. Company bosses and CEOs are perfect. Especially since it shows that your candidate was recognized by the leaders!


Your perfect candidate should be well-rounded. Having worked with small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and other organizations will result in a highly flexible employee that is well versed in different climates.


Communication is a big factor in making up a perfect candidate. Someone that possesses the ability to be articulate and concise with their work and projects is key. Along with flexibility, working in different cultures progresses the ability to communicate effectively.

Work Ethic:

Finally, the perfect candidate will have a strong desire to succeed. Their history shows that they were a hard worker and went above and beyond. Having this person on your team will push results and boost productivity.