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What Does Effective Communication Look Like

Communication is something that is more than just words or emails. It affects everyone around you, whether you are in an office, meeting, or on the phone. Everything you do communicates something to your peers, boss, or co-workers. It is very important to be effective with your communication, but what exactly does that mean?

Active Listening

Communication is more than just talking. In order to understand what the other person is saying, is to actively listen to them. Fully concentrate and take in what the speaker is saying. Try not to interrupt until their thoughts are finished. Then you can respond via questions or resolution.

Non-Verbal Communication

Another form of communication without using words is by using your non verbals. Even when you aren’t speaking to others, you are communicating through your body. Each movement or sigh tells another story. Maintain eye contact with your crowd and realize what you are doing in terms of body language. Being bent over at a board meeting will give the others in the room a feel of discontent or boredom.

Clear and Succinct

Fumbling over your words can be a tricky thing to avoid, especially if it is a spur of the moment conversation. If you have an interview or meeting coming up. Practice your responses or presentations in the mirror until you have a handle on the content. This will help you with your articulation of words and ability to form sentences around the content if you are forced to ad lib. It is also important to clarify what is being said if it needs to be. Whether you are listening or talking, clarification can go a long way.

These are just a few of the many ways you can improve on your communication skills. Communication is key!