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5 Essential Tips to Job Searching

1.       Avoid grammar mistakes.

If the job requirements call for being “detail orientated” or exceptional writing skills than one of the worst this you can do is submit a resume with misspelling or grammar mistakes.  Find an editor and have them review your resume before submittal.

2.       Follow up after the interview

Whether it is a phone call or an email let the hiring manager know that you’re interested in the position.  Make sure you note specifics regarding your conversation. How you would be a good fit because or you are interested in a particular part of the job.

3.       Research the company

Make sure you know what the company does and any achievements they have received.  Identify reasons why you would want to work there.  Make sure you note some of the job responsibilities that would interest you and keep you challenged.

4.       Be available

Before you engage in a phone screen make sure you check your calendar in case a face to face interview is requested.  Make sure you have a list of available dates and time so you can set the appointment right away. 

5.       Use your Network

A recommendation can go a long way.  Review your common connections with the company.  Leverage those connections by reaching out and discussing the opportunity.  You might receive some helpful insights.