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Perks Of Starting Up With A Staffing Agency

Finding the right candidate is like the old metaphor about needles and haystacks. Online sites can help narrow down the search, but only a staffing agency such as ESPO can truly provide you with the perfect fit. Here are some perks of working with ESPO…

ESPO saves you money. Your talent acquisition costs go down as internal staffing isn’t needed. Instead of hiring your internal department to find you employees, staffing out your positions to fill can cut you cut the cost of having your own department dedicated to finding you candidates. ESPO does all of that at a much lower price. Also, contracted employees are on the agencies payroll. This means that benefit packages and other employee programs are taken care of through ESPO. This again takes away the need for internal staff.

The best perk of using ESPO as a staffing agency is the industry knowledge and expertise that each recruiter brings to the table. They are able to take your specifications and turn them into talented candidates that exceed your expectations. The luxury of having a personal recruitment contact for prompt project work and immediate needs is irreplaceable.

Once your candidate is found, background checks, drug screens, reference checks and initial screening is all taken care of by ESPO. These menial tasks are all done for you and off of the to-do list. Worrying about your candidate passing a background check is no longer a hindrance for you or your company.