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How Winter Can Effect Your Job Performance 

Getting out of bed and trudging through the snow into your cold car and driving on slushy roads is awful. Monday – Friday you are doing this. Every day, two times a day. It isn’t the most pleasant of options and it can get very excruciating. How does the winter affect your work productivity and performance?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) comes around at the changing of the seasons. Winter is the big catalyst for SAD. During this time it is more common to pick up such feelings as hopelessness and worthlessness. It is also possible to lose interest in activities and social interaction. Psychology Today suggests that 10 million people in the United States suffer from SAD in a given year.

SAD is normally caused by the lack of light, vitamin D, loss of activity, and fatigue due to eating. This comes from holidays and such being more relative to your daily life. The lack of light is from the dingy wet and cold weather which also lowers your exposure to vitamin D.

 SAD affects your personal life, but also you work productivity. Here are some tips as to stay productive during the winter months…

·         Take Vitamin D pills

·         Set ambitious goals

·         Plan for fun adventures outside of the office

·         Consider Healthier Habits

·         Go outside as much as you can

Managing your productivity is important to reaching your performance expectations as well as keeping a normal lifestyle throughout the winter months.