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Technical Staff Augmentation Initiators

Headquartered in Chicago with more than a half century of retained business development, Espo Engineering Corporation is a technical service provider specializing in staff augmentation services for engineering, IT development and business operations personnel needs. With a deep understanding of the technical industry in a number of major hubs, we focus on staff augmentation in Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee and Rockford, Ill.

Espo Engineering Corporation innovates and streamlines rapid-growth business hiring processes  by identifying and implementing best-in-class technology, automation and leadership talent. Locating, vetting and hiring the right candidates is an often arduous process that can stunt the potential of a company on the rise. Staff augmentation companies like Espo Engineering Corporation are able to take on these responsibilities, providing deep expertise in both your industry and the hiring process. We find the exact right candidate while you focus on innovation and growing your business.

IT staff augmentation and engineering staff augmentation can be critical components of nimble, smart growth for technical companies. They enable you to bring on the resources needed to take the next step or series of steps with your company, while keeping your overall scaling strategy streamlined and simple.

Just as finding the right match between candidate and company is a critical part of staffing, so is finding the right match between staff augmentation consulting firm and company. By focusing exclusively on technical needs and positions in engineering and IT, as well as the unique requirements of business operations in these firms, we are able to offer unparalleled expertise and service to companies in technical fields.  

Staffing in these areas presents challenges of its own, and our track record of experience and successful placement speaks for itself in defining our ability to meet these challenges. We provide results for you, enabling your business to grow to meet and exceed its potential.

At Espo Engineering Corporation, we provide fully vetted, skilled candidates for a variety of technical industries and positions at EOQ rates for contract, contract-to-direct and direct hire. Our main focus is staff augmentation for engineering, IT, business administration and operations. Our additional technical services include in-house CAD drafting and design services. To request more information about any services we provide or to inquire about our ability to work with you, click here to submit a request.


Technical Expertise



Our diversified engineering services include CAD drafting and design work done in-house, project management, equipment leasing, and network engineering & integration.

Information Technology


´╗┐Whether you're a start-up or more established, ESPO provides IT support ranging from software development to QA testing. Our professionals can work remote or at your facility. 


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We provide cost-analytics and payroll services as well as business consulting. Learn how working with ESPO Corporation can directly benefit your business and your employees.