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Network Engineering & Integration

Espo Engineering Corporation’s network engineering and network integration services can help rapidly growing businesses scale their operations for increased efficiency, quality and performance. Network engineering services and network integration services offer great potential in these areas, but the complexity of implementing or upgrading networks can present difficulties that result in lost time, inefficient resource usage and missed opportunities.

Our network engineering services — specializing in commercial, residential and communication cell towers — are available to help businesses of any size take advantage of these benefits in the way that works best for them.

  • Permitting: Our experienced staff can handle every aspect of interaction with the necessary government agencies at all levels, from reviewing codes and regulations to procuring the permits needed. This is one of the areas of network engineering most prone to error, and where utilizing network engineering services can provide major benefits.

  • System Walkout and Field Mapping: A critical preliminary step in network engineering and network integration, the system walkout and field map provide a practical view of the real-world implications of installing or upgrading a system. Our experts are well-versed in navigating this process to move a network from an “on-paper” consideration to an actual implementation.

  • Field Walkouts With Dimensioning: This process implements the exact dimensions of a network installation, providing information about the scope of work, the cost and the time to completion.

  • Audit Reports & Documentation: Audits and documentation can be required at any step of the process, for a number of reasons: government agency requirements, client requirements, contractor requirements and so on. We help carry out or facilitate audits and provide documentation to meet these needs.

  • Quality Assurance: We can conduct rigorous quality assurance checks on a new installation or an existing network, ensuring acceptable levels of performance quality and infrastructure durability and safety.

Network & Design Services

  • Metro-E and RF; Fiber As-Built: Our expertise covers a broad cross-section of the most common and innovative network technology available today. We are able to provide critical as-built documentation as well.

  • Node Splits and Segmentation: We are able to help you maximize network and bandwidth efficiency and usage with these practices and more, meeting your performance and volume requirements.

  • Plant Extensions, Commercial & Residential Design/Drafting: Build competitive advantage by scaling a network’s reach to previously unserved or underserved areas. Our commercial and residential design and drafting offerings make a true “end-to-end” service in expanding network coverage.

  • OSP-ISP Detail Drafting: We feature detail drafting capabilities for infrastructure for OSP (outside plant) and ISP (inside plant) network implementations, suited for small-scale, more localized applications as well as the largest-scale projects.

  • Commercial/Desktop Surveys/Quick Quotes: As part of our full-service offering aimed at meeting customer needs, we offer early-stage desktop surveys and quick quotes to help you get a rough sense of the scope of a project and any areas of particular focus.

  • Cell Tower Drafting: We are able to produce fully detailed 3D models of cell tower drafts and designs, helping you plan one of the most critical components of the network.</li>

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